29 Ways To Practice Self-Love

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Buy Yourself A Birthday Gift

Host A Dinner Party Host A Dinner Party

Host A Dinner Party

Concoct A Fanciful Cocktail

(Or Mocktail)

Get A Massage

Gift Yourself Something Sparkly

Take A Long Bath

Be Your Own Date

Be Your Own Date

Buy Fancy New Bedding

Wear Your Most Luxurious Pajamas To Bed

Wear Your Most Luxurious Pajamas To Bed

Ditch Your Phone & Go Outside

Go On A #HotGirlWalk

Recite A Self-Love Affirmation

Spend A Lazy Day On The Couch

Order That Second Martini

Order That Second Martini

Have An At-Home Spa Day

Change Up Your Hairstyle

Up Your Necklace Layering Game

Indulge In A #GirlDinner

Take Time To Journal

Treat Yourself…& Your Bestie, Too

Ring In The New Moon

Take A Beach Day

Invest In “Forever” Jewelry

Expand Your Mind

Hone Your Chef Skills

Hone Your Chef Skills

Revamp Your Space

Splurge On Fancy Glassware

Pet An Animal

Plan A Vacation

Plan A Vacation

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