A Deranged With Anger Trump Attacks Biden For Sleeping At Night

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In an appearance after his trial date in Manhattan was set, a visibly angry Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden for sleeping at night.

Trump said:

I’m stuck here. It’s an election interference case. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it in this country. It’s a disgrace. It’s a disgraceful situation actually. And we’ll just have to figure it out. I’ll be here during the day, and I’ll be campaigning during the night, and Biden should be doing the same thing, but he’ll be sleeping. This is all from the DOJ. This all comes out of Washington. They’re coordinating with the district attorney and the AG. The case tomorrow is a rigged deal. It’s all coordinated with the district attorney, and it’s coordinated with the attorney general of New York. Laticia James should be ashamed of herself. She’s campaigned for years trying to get Trump without knowing anything about me. It’s all rigged. It’s a rigged state. It’s a rigged city.


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Trump starts yelling and claiming that Joe Biden is sleeping now that he is going on trial in Manhattan, “We will just have to figure it out I’ll be here during the day and I’ll be campaigning during the night. A Biden should be doing the same he’ll be sleeping.” pic.twitter.com/ENn5YY7Yxz

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 15, 2024

Trump was so livid about going to trial in Manhattan that he attacked Joe Biden for sleeping at night.

Donald Trump does not have to be in Manhattan until his criminal trial begins on March 25. The former president is choosing to show up in court because he thinks that it helps his presidential campaign, but Trump is not required to be there.

If Trump keeps his current campaign schedule, where he rarely campaigns on weekdays, the trial will have no impact on his ability to campaign. If Trump maintains his current schedule, he will campaign on weekends, and play golf/go to court during the week.

If Joe Biden isn’t supposed to sleep at night, when is he supposed to sleep?

Biden does more work in a day than Trump often did in a week as president. Who can forget the classic Trump work schedule that started at noon and ended by 4 PM, and sometimes involved three days at the White House and four days at one of his clubs each week.

Trump is mad because he is going to trial, so he is pretending like he has better things to do when he is already doing nothing.

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