ABORTED’s Bassist Leaves The Band To Pursue His PhD Studies

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Bassist Stefano Franceschini has parted ways with his bandmates in Aborted to pursue his PhD. Aborted states they’ll carry on as a four-piece with a backing track for bass, and that Franceschini‘s final effort with them will be their upcoming new record.

Franceschini played for Aborted between 2016 and present day.

“Hey, what’s up everyone?” wrote Franceschini. “As you may have noticed during the band’s last couple of tours + EU festival run, I wasn’t rocking out on stage with the dudes as I regularly did until COVID. Long story short, after the pandemic hit I had to reconsider my career (as lots of my fellow musicians did, I’m sure), so I got my degree and then applied for a PhD position. Though this new job has proven professionally rewarding in many ways, it also kept me from doing what I’d loved doing the most until 2-3 years ago: touring.

“Besides four awesome, tightly-packed shows last year, I couldn’t join the guys on other equally successful occasions because of the schedule my PhD program required me to follow. Since the objective would be to keep pursuing the academic career, my availability to tour can’t but shrink even further. And this is why, in the most amicable way possible, the guys and I have agreed to part ways. Keep in mind that those four gentlemen were sweet enough to wait until I would finish my studies to resume as a 5-piece, but that’s the thing with research: there’s never really an end to it; it’s an ongoing process with its full-time demands. In other words, I would never allow myself to slow down the band’s plans so that I could rejoin them ‘at my convenience.’

“I will never forget those first electrifying weeks when Sven first asked me if I would be interested in joining the band. I couldn’t believe it; I had just been asked to join one of my favorite metal bands (as cheesy as it sounds, it’s true!). Fast forward to the tour with Kreator, Sepultura and Soilwork in 2017; the 70k Tons Of Metal cruise, my first us tour and first time in the us ever thanks to the band, and the Hell Over Europe II tour (best tour ever, hands down), and the NZ/Aussie tour with TBDM (rest in power, Trevor) in 2018, followed by the most insane year touring-wise (all those crazy flights during the summer… Lol).

“Add to this pinch-me experiences 2 EPs and 2 records, and there you have the dream of any musician coming true. Typing these words is not easy. At the same time, however, I’m perfectly aware that not only have I been lucky enough to make these memories; I have been even luckier to be surrounded by the most wholesome fans, crew, agents and, more importantly, bandmates through this incredible journey.

“Thank you Sven, Ian, Ken, Dan. You guys are truly family and I love you immensely.

“Ps: Actually the albums are 3, because your fav Italian bass player is on the new one too!!!!! And believe me, it effing bangs!!

“Pps: Sven, Ian, Ken, Dan-it’ll always be cake over pie. Period.”

Aborted added: “Stef recorded on our upcoming LP, so you’ll hear his immense talent one more time. You’re not ready for the best Aborted yet! We’ll be continuing as we have while he’s been busy: as a 4-piece with backtracked bass, so he’ll be with us whenever we hit the stage.”

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