AC/DC Rumored To Have Hired JANE’S ADDICTION’s Bassist For Upcoming Tour

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The AC/DC rumor rolls on! It all started a few weeks ago when AC/DC superfan, journalist, and comedian Dean Delray posted a rumor that AC/DC would not be joined by longtime bassist Cliff Williams on their upcoming tour. This of course set off two separate conversations – who’s the new bassist and what tour?

Well, now we’ve got some answers. Kind of. AC/DC has a clock on their website counting down to Monday, at which point a tour will very likely be announced. As for the bassist situation, AC/DC forum user and man who’s good about rumors BLUEBOLT said he’s heard Williams will be replaced by Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction, Alanis Morissette, Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders).

“Hiya kind gentlemen! Sorry to be the bearer of the news good and bad,” wrote BLUEBOLT. “As always I hope I’m fookin wrong would rather Mr C Williams in the engine room. This news I have on good authority.

“Usually have a good track record with this sort of thing. But I will admit I have got some things wrong in the past but 9/10 I’m usually rite. Heard this a few weeks back but wanted sum more confirmation.

“It’s a very weird pick and I believe the history between Matt and this guy is probably why he got picked. Angus may of asked who he prefered to play with.(dont know if that was the case just guessing)

“The rhythm section will have a flavour of Alanis. This is subject to change (more than likely not) and I apologise if I’m wrong. Chris Chaney will be the bass player on tour. Formley of janes addiction, alanis and a tonne of other bands!”

Cliff Williams has played bass for AC/DC since 1977 and hasn’t sat out much with the group. Williams originally retired from AC/DC in 2016, saying in part “It’s time for me to step out, that’s all.” He later added: “I’m ready to get off the road and do what I do in between tours.”

Williams would ultimately return for the 2020 record Power Up, as well as the band’s first show since 2016 at Power Trip 2023.

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