Adam Schiff Warns Kevin McCarthy On Biden Impeachment

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Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) warned Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that if he opens an impeachment inquiry into Biden, he might not be able to stop it.

Schiff said on MSNBC:

For a long time, it didn’t appear clear that they even knew who they wanted to impeach. Did they want to peach Marcus, or Garland, or maybe Joe Biden, or maybe somebody else. They seem to be an impeachment inquiry and search of a subject, and certainly in search of evidence.

What concerns me is I think McCrthy may open an impeachment inquiry because he thinks that he will lead off the steam of the craziest in the conference. By doing that, he will set a train emotion that he may not be able to stop. Of course, McCarthy isn’t thinking ahead. He’s thinking how do I keep my speakership for another day, maybe another week. He’s not thinking about what he’s doing to the country with these kinds of phony investigators and potential abuse of the impeachment power.


Adam Schiff, “What concerns me is I think McCarthy may open an impeachment inquiry because he thinks that he will let off the steam of the craziest in the conference. By doing that, he will set a train in motion that he may not be able to stop.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 30, 2023

If anyone knows firsthand about Kevin McCarthy’s willingness to abuse the power of the House majority for bogus partisan purposes, it is Rep. Schiff who was the subject of a bogus censure resolution. 

Speaker McCarthy doesn’t seem to care about the can of worms that he is opening up with Biden impeachment. Trump and his MAGA flying monkeys in the House are not going to be satisfied with an impeachment inquiry. They want Biden impeached. If President Biden is not impeached, the MAGAs will replace Kevin McCarthy with a speaker who will make impeachment happen.

McCarthy is an empty suit. He will do whatever Trump and MAGA want, but he is being warned by Rep. Schiff and others that playing with impeachment could lead to unintended consequences.

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