Alina Habba Messed With E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyer And Could Be Facing Sanctions

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Alina Habba tried to get the E. Jean Carroll verdict dismissed by filing a baseless attack on Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, who responded by threatening to pursue sanctions against Habba.

Habba claimed that there was a mentor-mentee relationship between the judge and Carroll’s lawyer.

Roberta Kaplan filed a letter with the judge shooting down this allegation, “We write in response to the letter submitted yesterday by Alina Habba on behalf of her client Defendant Donald J. Trump, which contains false allegations of a “mentor-mentee relationship” between Your Honor and myself dating back to the brief period in which we overlapped at Paul, Weiss more than thirty years ago. As Ms. Habba well knows, these allegations are utterly baseless.”

Roberta Kaplan laid out why the allegations are baseless, and called out Trump’s motives, “From the very start of the recently concluded trial, Donald Trump and Ms. Habba have pushed a false narrative of judicial bias so that they could

characterize any jury verdict against Trump as the product of a corrupt system. While that strategy has now moved into its post-verdict phase, it is now time for Defendant’s false and vexatious claims of bias or impropriety to stop.”

Kaplan concluded her letter by threatening to pursue sanctions against Habba, “While Ms. Habba ends her letter by characterizing this as a “troubling matter,” what is actually troubling is both the substance and timing of her false accusations of impropriety by on the part of E. Jean Carroll’s counsel or the Court. Accordingly, while we wanted

to submit our response to Ms. Habba’s letter as soon as possible, we reserve all rights, including but not limited to the right to seek sanctions pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11.”

Trump is trying to discredit the ruling for Carroll for political and financial reasons. Trump has so many potential civil judgments pending against him that he could face bankruptcy. 

The name of the game is to discredit Carroll, her lawyers, the judge, and the damages award.

Donald Trump is still trying to play politics with the courts, and the result could be sanctions for Alina Habba.

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