ALLUVIAL (Ex-THE FACELESS, AEGAEON) Gets Gross With New Single “Fogbelt”

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Alluvial, the band featuring guitarist Wes Hauch (ex-Black Crown Initiate, ex-The Faceless), vocalist Kevin Muller (ex-Pyrexia), drummer Matthew Paulazzo (Aegaeon), and bassist Tim Walker, is back with two new songs and an EP coming in 2024! Alluvial is now streaming the music video for “Fogbelt” shot and edited by Randy Edwards, which is really gonna creep you out.

“‘Fogbelt’ is a song that came from a movie about human cloning,” the band says. “Kevin inspired that main riff that starts the song, and everything fell together pretty quickly after that. It’s big, dumb, and gross. It turned our toenails green and we hope it turns yours green, too.”

Death Is But A Door is out January 12. Pre-orders are available here.

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