An Enraged Trump Just Had An Epic Meltdown Outside NY Courtroom

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For the third time, Trump came out of the courtroom to address the cameras when he blew a gasket and demanded that the judge be criminally charged.

Trump concluded his long-winded rant with:

I guess today he ruled that we lost a big part of the case because he’s a Democrat club politician. He’s a Democrat operative, and he’s a disgrace to people that call themselves judges. And I hope my lawyers go in and I hope they fight him very hard because this guy is getting away with murder and his clerk should not be allowed to be in his ear on every single question, you take a look at what’s happening with her. She hates Trump more than he does.

So that’s where it is. We have 80% of this trial has been won in June. They came down the end of June with a decision, a very powerful decision and it said on statute of limitations and just about everything else, would you say approximately 80% of the trial attorneys? Is that right? Approximately 80% of the trials won. He refuses to acknowledge his own appellate division.

And I think it’s a disgrace to our country and somebody has to fight because if you don’t fight, our country is just going to go down the tube. This is election interference. This guy is a highly partisan person and we can’t let this stuff happen. So you should ask yourselves as professionals. I have a lot of respect for you, not all of you, but a lot of you. Why is it that he didn’t honor the decision of the appellate? And by the way, I believe it was a unanimous decision, right? It’s a five-to-nothing decision, unanimous decision. And he said I’m not going to honor it. Let’s go to trial. There is a judge that should be disbarred. This is a judge that should be out of office. This is a judge that some people say could be charged criminally for what he is doing.


Shorter version. Trump is enraged because he is losing the trial. The failed former president is also upset because his fraud has been exposed. The meltdown went on for minutes with Trump rambling about the judge in the New York case, Jack Smith, Fani Willis, Letitia James, with the broader point being that Trump is outraged at being held accountable.

Trump is attempting to work the media and spin a narrative about his trial, but for the first time since Trump’s legal problems began to snowball on him, there is something else that is visible.

Donald Trump is afraid because, for the first time in his life, he can’t talk or bully his way out of trouble.

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