ANAAL NATHRAKH Is Figuring Out “What Might Be Next, If Anything”

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Anaal Nathrakh played what may have been their final show at the Scala venue in London on December 14 with Sigh and De Profundis. The band’s lineup included Akercocke and Voices members, with guitarist Mick Kenney being absent as a he’s experienced a “change of plan… which meant that his focus had to shift, for the time being at least.”

Now that the show is over, Anaal Nathrakh has posted a huge thank you to everyone in attendance. Within that statement comes the news that Anaal Nathrakh is currently pondering their own future, saying “nothing has been booked or agreed, and we will see what the future brings.”

“As the dust settles, our sincere thanks to all who came to the London show. It was a privilege and an honour to play what apparently turned out to be a sold out show with De Profundis and Sigh.

“People showed up from far and wide, including from a number of other countries, despite the elements, transport issues and so on, and every person there helped make it a tremendous night of chaos. An especial thank you to the fan who came all the way from Japan for the show and gave us an extremely touching letter.

“We’ll take a moment to catch our breath, and then figure out what might be next, if anything. Candidly, the feeling amongst all involved in the show seemed to be that it would be great to reconvene at some point, and we will certainly be considering options. But nothing has been booked or agreed, and we will see what the future brings…”

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