Ann Coulter Suggests Republicans Commit Suicide To Show Solidarity With Trump

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Ann Coulter sarcastically responded to calls for Republican candidates to suspend their campaigns in solidarity with Trump by suggesting GOP suicide.

Coulter tweeted in response to Charlie Kirk calling for every Republican presidential candidate to suspend their campaign in solidarity with Trump:

That’s nothing! I’m calling on EVERY REPUBLICAN TO COMMIT SUICIDE in solidarity with Trump!

Otherwise, we don’t have a country, folks.

— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) June 9, 2023

Ann Coulter is no fan of MAGA and Trump, and she was calling out the cult-like devotion to Trump that some of the slaves to MAGA are exhibiting. The federal indictment has exposed those who make their living from MAGA and need it to keep the cash or votes rolling in.

Any sane political party would have stopped Trump from winning its nomination in 2016. Any sane political party would have convicted Trump at his second impeachment trial after he tried to overthrow the government. A political party with an ounce of self-preservation instinct would not have allowed Trump to continue to lead it and be the frontrunner for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Law enforcement had to step in to stop the Trump crime wave because Republicans wouldn’t. After a federal indictment of their leader, Republicans have reached the point of insanity where some are calling for a suspension of the 2024 presidential primary.

The Republican Party is acting like it is Donald Trump. The only left to find out is if Ann Coulter is correct and the Republican Party has transitioned from a political cult to a death cult.

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