Apparently DRAKE Is An ENTHEOS Fan

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So when are we getting an Entheos and Drake collaboration? Because clearly Entheos vocalist Chaney Crabb is on Drake‘s radar.

Over the weekend, Crabb posted a screenshot from Drake‘s Instagram giving her a shoutout, with the Canadian rapper captioning the post “Chaney Crabb my twin flame.” How Drake came across Entheos is still a total mystery, but hey – more mainstream exposure for underground metal bands is always a good thing!

“This was not on my 2023 bingo card,” wrote Crabb of the shout out. “Shout out to Drake for spreading the good word and putting a bunch of people on to metal. So cool. Much love!”

This isn’t the first time Crabb has shown up completely unprompted in the mainstream, either. Crabb was briefly featured on a YMH Studio podcast hosted by Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura in 2021, mostly due to their confusion that anyone could do what Crabb does with her voice. Check that out below.

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