At Least 10 People Shot At Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Rally Shooting

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At least ten people were shot, and five people were hospitalized in a shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory rally.

CNN reported, “CNN has just confirmed details on the number of victims hurt in this shooting that we’ve learned took place at the Super Bowl victory rally after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl; they were celebrating in downtown today, we’ve learned that upwards of ten victims were injured. This is at Union Station; this was near the end of the rally itself.”


CNN reports ten people were injured at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory rally shooting.

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— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 14, 2024

We have reached a point in America where nowhere is safe from gun violence. People can’t go to work, school, the movies, a concert, a bar, church, or even a community celebration of a Super Bowl victory without being worried about being shot or injured.

At some point, the nation has to stand up and demand an end to the insanity.

While the details of the Kansas City incident are still unfolding at this time, America seems to be less by following the Republican policy of reducing fun violence by giving everyone more guns.

The incident at the Chiefs victory rally demonstrates that there is another crisis in America that Republicans refuse to talk about. It is the crisis of gun violence.

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