Being Good At Guitar Can Get You Free Beer At This Brewery

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Are you a good guitarist? Do you like free beer? Then the Panhead Custom Ales Brewery in New Zealand might be the place for you!

Panhead Custom Ales Brewery has just unveiled their new Slay To Pay vending machine, which quite literally hands out free beers to competent musicians. Of course the kicker here is that the drunker you get, the more you probably suck – thus ending you free beer spree.

“It’s essentially a souped up Guitar Hero for adults,” Rebecca Sinclair, head of Brand at Panhead Custom Ales, via Guitar World. “As far as we know, this is a first of its kind machine with some pretty cool new tech and the best kind of reward for those willing to give it a go. No one has done this before.”

The machine utilizes am Epiphone Explorer and makes players choose their genre. Then it’s up to you and the onboard AI whether or not you’re about to crack open a free cold one, or if your credit card is about to get a workout. And yes – the machine is harsh in its judgement.

“The machine was the perfect combination of a couple of our favorite things, cold beer and really loud music,” added Sinclair. “We gave it its first run at the Panhead Rolling Stone Music Awards and it turns out it’s pretty ruthless. It rejected some of the best guitarists in the country.”

The Slay to Pay machine is currently on a break for Christmas, but will be back in 2024.

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