Bernie Sanders Serves A Dose Of Reality To Those Accusing Biden Of Genocide

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) responded to those accusing Biden of genocide in Gaza by reminding them that on his worst day Biden is still one hundred times better than Trump.

Sen. Sanders said on CNN’s State Of The Union, “Somebody should be talking about how Trump wants to expel Palestinians from this country. So it’s, you know, you can disagree with Joe Biden, but on his worst day, he’ll be 100 times better than Trump and the right-wing Republicans .

Host Dana Bash asked, “So you think Rashida Tlaib should save her ire for Trump and the right wing and not a fellow Democrat?”

Sanders responded, “Rashida is a friend of mine, her family comes from Palestine, I think she has been shaken as all of us are about what’s going on right there, right now. We have to address the humanitarian crisis. But if anyone thinks that Trump is going to be better than Biden they are sorely mistaken.”


Sen. Sanders was correct, and his assessment was realistic.

It is the Biden administration and the United States who attempting to hold Netanyahu accountable, prevent a full invasion of Gaza, and get humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, and obtain a humanitarian pause in the fighting.

The idea that Biden is supporting genocide does not match up with what the administration is doing. The United States is trying to advocate for and protect the Palestinian people while supporting Israel in its mission to eliminate Hamas.

The position of the Biden administration is delicate and tricky, but if anyone thinks that Trump and the Republicans would be better for the Palestinians, they are completely one hundred percent wrong.

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