Biden Annihilates Trump On National TV For Bowing Down To Putin

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President Biden used his bully pulpit to blast Trump’s claim that he would let Russia invade a NATO country as bowing down to Putin and un-American.

What Did Biden Say About Trump and NATO?

President Biden said:

In recent days, those stakes have risen. And that’s because the former president has said a dangerous and shockingly frankly, un-American signal to the world. Just a few days ago, Trump gave an invitation to Putin to invade some of our allies, NATO allies. He said if an ally didn’t spend enough money on defense, he would encourage Russia to, quote, do whatever the hell they wanted. End of quote.

Can you imagine a former president of the United States saying that the whole world heard it?

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The worst thing is he means it. No other president in our history has ever bowed down to a Russian dictator. Let me say this as clearly as I can. I never will, for God’s sake. It’s dumb. It’s shameful. It’s dangerous. It’s un-American. When America gives its word, it means something. When we make a commitment, we keep it, and NATO is a sacred commitment.

Donald Trump looks at this as if it’s a burden. When he looks at NATO, he doesn’t see the alliance that protects America and the world. He sees a protection racket. He doesn’t understand that NATO is built on fundamental principles of freedom, security, and national sovereignty. Because for Trump principles never matter. Everything is transactional. He doesn’t understand that the sacred commitment we’ve given works for us as well. In fact, I would remind Trump and all those who would walk away from NATO. Article Five has only been evoked once, just once in our NATO history and it was done to stand with America after we were attacked on 9/11.


Biden rips Trump, “No other president in our history has ever bowed down to a Russian dictator. Well, let me say this as clearly as I can, I never will. For God’s sake, it’s dumb it’s shameful as dangerous, it’s un-American.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) February 13, 2024

Biden Defines Trump

President Biden is making a very simple and clear argument that every voter can understand. Donald Trump doesn’t represent you or your values. Donald Trump bows to dictators and is un-American.

The members of Congress who do Trump’s bidding are acting against the interests of America.

America doesn’t break its word.

America doesn’t abandon its friends, and America doesn’t bow to dictators.

It is easy to think that Trump has already been defined after eight years, but the former president is trying to redefine himself right now, which is why it is vital that Joe Biden reminds the American people who Trump is and what he really stands for,

As Biden was speaking, it became clear that the central issue in this election isn’t Joe Biden’s age, but the future of American democracy.

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