Biden Drops The Democracy Hammer On Putin Loving House Republicans

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President Biden sent the message to House Republicans that there will be no aid for Israel unless they also pass aid for Ukraine.

Politico recently reported:

The Biden administration “will not accept a standalone, Israel-only bill that fails to demonstrate America’s commitment to standing up to Putin and his brutal aggression, and that doesn’t provide urgently needed humanitarian assistance.”

Any Israel aid bill that fails to include humanitarian aid and money for Ukraine is a no-go for the White House — an escalation of a stance first sketched out after Speaker MIKE JOHNSON introduced an Israel-only funding package offset by cuts to the IRS. Instead, the White House wants more than $100 billion in aid to be split among Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and border funding.

The anti-Ukraine funding House Republicans are a large group who are a majority of the House majority, but they are not the majority of the entire House. The usual MAGA suspects like Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Andy Biggs are opposed to providing aid to Ukraine.

What is not being said when discussing this issue is that, at its heart, Ukraine funding is a question of whether the United States will support democracy. The actual appropriated funds don’t go to Ukraine. The money is used to replenish the US weapons stockpile to replace weapons that have been sent to Ukraine.

A majority of House Republicans are refusing to support a democracy that is literally fighting for its life.

Biden is taking a hard stand because Ukraine funding isn’t about money. It’s about democracy, and Biden is attempting to stop anti-democracy MAGAs from gaining a victory in the United States.

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