Biden Funds The Police That Trump Spent Years Trying To Defund

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The Biden administration has announced new funding for law enforcement and the police, while Trump spent his presidency trying to defund the police.

Biden Works To Make Communities Safe As Trump Tried To Defund The Police

As president, Joe Biden has spent his time in office trying to restore funding to police that Trump and Republicans in Congress cut.

Trump used his time in office talking about how much he loved the police, but he tried to defund the police in major cities that did not vote for him, and Trump’s budgets consistently as a feature sought to cut funding to local police forces around the country. 

Trump’s record suggests that he was one of the most anti-police presidents in recent history. In contrast, President Biden is working to reduce crime and keep America’s communities whether they are large or small safe.

Biden Got Love from a Mayor and Police Chief for his support of law enforcement and safer communities

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor noted in a call with reporters in which PoliticusUSA took part that this money will fund “comprehensive de escalation training for all of our officers,” adding, “And we all know that having officers with the tactical and interpersonal skills to avoid using force when possible helps build community trust. De escalation training is specially important to prevent unnecessary use of force when officers engage those having a mental health crisis or who are under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances.”

Castor also thanked President Biden for his “unending support of law enforcement and safe communities.”

This gratitude for President Biden and the support at the federal level was echoed by Houston Chief of Police Troy Fenner, who said, “It is so good to have friends in D.C. and we miss that message sometimes,” which is true. Biden and Democrats have been pained with a “defund the police” message, when actually, they funded the police. They just did it in a way that was meant to protect communities and de-escalate police violence.

Fenner drew attention to how helpful funds like these are, pointing to the reduced crime rates his city accomplished with funds from the American Rescue Act since they launched the initiative in 2022, “Last week when I made the report, murder rate numbers were down 18%. Today it’s 20%. Aggravated assaults are down by 10% overall, violent crime is down just under 10%. Those results are the direct result of the hard work of the men and women with the Houston Police Department and the funding that we received from the federal government, our local partners.”

The contrast in policies between the two men who are likely to rematch in the 2024 election has a real-world impact in cities and towns all around the country.

While Donald Trump is facing 91 criminal felony counts, and spending much of his time in courtrooms, Joe Biden is working to keep Americans safe from crime.

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