Biden Piles Up More Than 5 Million Views On TikTok After Skipping Super Bowl Interview

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President Biden skipped the network Super Bowl interview and instead piled up more than five million views on TikTok for his first video.

The Biden For President campaign announced, “Last night, Biden-Harris HQ launched its first TikTok — a Q&A with President Biden on Super Bowl LVIII — complete with a Dark Brandon cameo and shout-out to Mama Kelce. Already, Biden-Harris HQ’s first TikTok has received over 5 million views and 500,000 likes and counting. Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ win, President Biden’s ‘Dark Brandon’ meme post has already garnered over 800,000 likes on Instagram and 150 million views and nearly 200,000 reposts on X. Voters can follow @BidenHQ for more.”

Biden Deputy Campaign Manager Rob Flaherty said, “The President’s TikTok debut last night — with more than 5 million views and counting — is proof positive of both our commitment and success in finding new, innovative ways to reach voters in an evolving, fragmented, and increasingly personalized media environment. I suppose you could say our Roman Empire is meeting voters wherever they are.”

The reason why the mainstream media is upset over Biden not doing the Super Bowl interview is because it highlights their lack of relevance. The corporate media is already upset that Biden does not cater to them in the same way that Trump did. Corporate reporters long for the elevation that Trump gave them and the fear and chaos that he brought.

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Biden is going where the voters are that he needs to reach.

While the Super Bowl pregame would have delivered a bigger general audience, it is more important for the President to reach the voters that he needs in November, and those young voters aren’t waiting for him to appear on a pregame show. Those voters are on TikTok.

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