Biden Silences Republicans With Powerful Message In Support Of Israel

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President Biden delivered a clear and powerful message of support for Israel that was much stronger than what Trump and Republicans have offered.

Biden called the terrorist against Israel pure evil:

Biden warned other nations from attempting to exploit the attack in Israel:

Biden condemned the atrocities in Israel:

It is essential to avoid conflating the plight of the Palestinian people with Hamas. Terrorists love to hide in civilian populations. One of the saddest elements of this situation is that innocent Palestinians will pay the price for what Hamas is doing. Hamas is a terrorist organization. The Palestinian people are a separate issue from Hamas.

In order for there to be peace and eventual freedom for the Palestinians, terrorists like Hamas must be removed from the equation. Netanyahu is going to pay a heavy price with the people of Israel, many of whom blame his policies for the attack.

Republicans have been trying to claim that Biden has not been leading since the Israel attack, but the President delivered a strong message that condemned terrorism, told other enemies of Israel not to try to exploit the situation, and made it clear that America does not support terrorists.

The Biden message was stronger than anything that Trump and the Republicans have publicly offered.

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