Biden Spends Nice Thanksgiving Weekend With His Family As Trump Melts Down

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It has been a tale of two different universes as President Biden has been spending a nice holiday weekend with his family as Donald Trump is melting down on his failing social media platform.

Here is President Biden:

Small businesses are more than just the engines of our economy. They’re the glue that hold our communities together.

Shop small today, folks.

— President Biden (@POTUS) November 25, 2023

Here is how President Biden is spending part of Thanksgiving weekend, via the White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA on Friday:

At 4:08 pm POTUS walked out of Nantucket Books, arm and arm with Finnegan. He was carrying a book: Democracy Awakening by Heather Cox Richardson. Naomi was beside him.

He walked into Craftmasters of Nantucket at 4:12 pm and out at 4:19 pm. Jill Biden has joined the posse of Bidens walking in and out of shops.

POTUS paused at various shops to wave to people standing in the windows. Crowds are all all over the sidewalks waving and shouting “Happy Birthday” and “Mr. President.” He is waving back and has shouted “Happy Thanksgiving.”

At 4:22 pm he walked into the Jewelers’ Gallery. Hunter, Melissa and Baby Beau sat on a bench outside. He came out at 4:25 pm.

A group of kids had been waiting at a upstairs window in the building next to the jewelry store but an agent told them to close it. They came downstairs however and POTUS stopped to chat with them. They asked for a photo with POTUS. Hunter took it.

In the about 20 minutes POTUS walked about six blocks and made his way to the town square at 4:30 pm. The agents cleared the sidewalk before him, the presidential SUV trailed him and the pool was on the opposite sidewalk, weaving its way through civilians who were waving and taking pics of POTUS with their cell phones.

During POTUS jaunt, Melissa Cohen walked behind POTUS as did Hunter. Ashley Biden wore a headband with some kind of ears or decoration. Her husband Howard was carrying Baby Beau. Peter Neal is also walking in the group.

POTUS and Bidens are now at town square for the annual tree lighting. A choir is singing traditional carols.

This is how Donald Trump is spending his weekend on Truth Social posting things like this:

Andrew C. McCarthy: “If you’re a top executive at a financial institution that is heavily regulated by New York State, and you see how the state has gone after Trump hammer and tong in a transparently partisan vendetta, do you want to get on the ‘wrong’ side of that? When you see that an elected-Democratic attorney general, aided and abetted by an elected-Democratic judge, is hellbent on putting Trump out of business and taking a quarter-billion dollars from him in a case where there are no victims, what makes you think they wouldn’t come after you if you cross them? This is the business climate under woke-progressive, vindictive government.”

Trump has also threatened to take away healthcare from 40 million Americans if he returns to the White House, and he attacked Forbes magazine for not believing his lies about his wealth.

The way the two men are spending their holiday weekends encapsulates the choice that voters will face in less than a year.

Do the American people want the low key throw back Americana competence of the Biden presidency, or do they want to return to divisive self-centered chaos of Trump?

Polls and talking heads can trying to quantify the election around numbers and issues, but the choice comes down to a simple question. In purely human terms, which of these two men do the majority of Americans want to spend the next four years?

The answer will define the direction and future of the nation.

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