Biden Turns The Tables And Annihilates Mentally Declining Trump With New Ad

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A new Biden ad flips the script and uses Nikki Haley’s comments about Trump’s cognitive abilities to argue that the former president is unfit.

The ad features Nikki Haley calling out Trump’s mental fitness and points to Trump’s ‘confusion’ on the campaign trail.

The ad starts with Nikki Haley saying on the campaign trail, “Last night, Trump was at a rally. You know, Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley. And he’s going on and on mentioning me multiple times as to why I didn’t handle January 6th better. Nikki Haley is in charge of security. We offered her 10,000 people. They don’t want to talk about that. I wasn’t in office then. They’re saying he got confused.”

Clips of Trump, “You have voter I.D. to buy a loaf of bread. You have, you have I. D. to buy a loaf of bread. What? What is? I’m driving over a road where it’s almost all paper. And you know, you can see paper. I know paper. I know cans. But all the time now we see whales washing up on shore because of the wind, uh. Our veterans don’t have cell phones, do they ?”

Haley points to Trump saying that he ran against Obama, “He got confused. He got confused and said he was running against Obama. He never ran against Obama.”

Clip of Trump, “And we didn’t with Obama. We won an election that everyone said couldn’t be won. Obama wants to, he doesn’t want to talk about it.” Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade corrects Trump, “But you mean President Biden. So, uh.”

The ad concludes with Haley saying, “Don’t put our country at risk like this.”

The ad:

I don’t agree with Nikki Haley on everything, but we agree on this much: She is not Nancy Pelosi.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) January 21, 2024

President Biden’s campaign turned the tables on Republicans who are trying to claim that President Biden is too old to serve another term as president. Republicans can’t make the age argument against Biden when their likely nominee is a guy who even people in his own party are admitting is in mental decline.


Nikki Haley Says Trump Is In Mental Decline

If Republicans want to have a campaign about age and mental fitness, the Biden team looks more than ready for that.

The more that Donald Trump campaigns, the clearer it becomes that the candidate with real mental fitness issues is Donald Trump.

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