Biden Was Right And The Media Was Wrong: Americans Are Starting To Feel Good About The Economy

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A new survey reveals that President Biden was right, and the media has been getting it wrong. Americans are warming up to the economy.

NBC News reported:

The University of Michigan said Friday that its consumer sentiment index jumped 13% to 69.4, as people became less worried about inflation and more optimistic about a number of issues. That not only ended the downturn but reversed the decline, returning the sentiment index to where it was in August.

“There was a broad consensus of improved sentiment across age, income, education, geography, and political identification,” said Surveys of Consumers Director Joanne Hsu. Year-ahead inflation expectations plunged from 4.5% last month to 3.1% this month. The current reading is the lowest since March 2021.”

Biden Was Right On People Warming Up To The Economy

The President has been saying for months that it would take time for people to feel the improving economy and that the polls and the press coverage did not accurately reflect what was happening. It turns out that the President and his administration were right.

The polls have not been consistently accurate measurements for years, and it has taken time for the improving economy to reach people on the ground, but Americans are beginning to feel less pressure on their wallets and a little more money in their pockets, which is great for Biden’s reelection campaign and Democrats running in 2024.

A Recipe For Political Disaster As Republicans Run Trump While American Optimism Grows

Republicans have responded to the growing American optimism by continuing to allow the dark cloud of American politics named Donald Trump to run their party.

Trump is preparing a campaign of divisive gloom and doom that will make his previous presidential campaigns look like a community theater production of Mary Poppins.

If voter optimism continues to increase, it will be a political disaster for Trump and the GOP, whose entire message is that the nation needs to go back to the way things were under the previous administration.

The media has been telling the country the wrong story, and if the optimism continues, it could lead to a second Biden term.

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