BROKEN HOPE Is Working On Reissuing Their ’90s Material

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Broken Hope is clearly gonna have a busy 2024. The band is working on their first new album since 2017, and now they’ve announced they’re reissuing all their ’90s material. That means everything from Swamped In Gore to Grotesque Blessings is getting some sort of reissue treatment, which we’re definitely stoked for!

“The vaults have been opened and the original multitrack tapes/reels and master DATs for the first five Broken Hope albums are in hand,” wrote the band.

Broken Hope is currently transferring all of the masters into Pro-Tools for the first time…the first two albums were done in a digital format on an Akai A-Dam system and the three following albums were done on 2” analog tape.

“From here, Broken Hope has some special things planned for the entire 1990’s catalog.

“A very MASSIVE, heartfelt THANK YOU to BRIAN GRIFFIN as these masters and the project would’ve never been possible without him

“And huge thanks as always to the crew of superstars at Criteria Recording Studios for all of the stellar assistance, wisdom, and accommodations…”

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