CHAD GRAY Explains What He Likes & Dislikes About MUDVAYNE’s L.D. 50

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L.D. 50 is easily Mudvayne‘s most popular album, moreso in recent years thanks to the “BRR BRR DENG” meme. Now in an interview with Revolver, Mudvayne vocalist Chad Gray explains why he thinks L.D. 50 is the band’s best record despite a few complaints.

“Everybody loves L.D. 50,” Gray says. “The reason why is because L.D. 50 is the first fucking thing that they ever heard by Mudvayne. But me, personally, I’m not a huge fan of L.D. 50 because I’m not a big fan of the mix. I think the mix is very bass-heavy. To me, it doesn’t feel like a band mix. We’re a metal band, it needs to be guitar-centric. It should be very guitar-forward, and it wasn’t.

“I mean, I love L.D. 50. It’s a great album and it was a fucking hard album to write. Greg [Tribbett, guitarist] and I were in the studio the last three days, in there every night, all night, finishing the last three songs. So, everybody left and went to mix, and me and him stayed and we literally walked out of the studio at 10:30 a.m. after being up all night the last night, [and] we were supposed to be out of the studio at noon.”

Though who knows – maybe the next Mudvayne record will be Gray‘s new favorite? In a recent interview, Gray said the band is working on their first new material since 2009.

“We’ve already been working on some stuff,” said Gray. “We’ve got four [songs] in the pipe. I’ve written each one of them probably three different times, ’cause it’s like nothing’s good enough. We’re gonna keep pushing. We’re all getting along really good. We’re all talking. Hopefully we all want the same thing from our music, so we’ll see. It’s definitely the thing that makes the most sense to do now.”

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