Check Out This 1999 DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Show Filmed In Philly

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This 1999 Dillinger Escape Plan show filmed in Philadelphia, PA is pretty nuts.

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According to uploader Chemical Hero, the show was filmed a few weeks before The Dillinger Escape Plan released their debut full-length album Calculating Infinity, meaning vocalist Dimitri Minakakis, guitarist Brian Benoit, and drummer Chris Pennie were still in the band. It’s hard to tell who the bassist was in the video, but it’s either Adam Doll or Jeff Wood.

The show ran as follows.

  1. “Sandbox Magician” 00:25
  2. “Abe the Cop” 03:00
  3. “Caffeine” 07:25
  4. “Jim Fear” 10:54
  5. “Cleopatra’s Sling” 13:58
  6. “The Mullet Burden” 17:25
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