Chris Christie Just Gave Jack Smith Powerful Evidence Against Trump

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Special Counsel Jack Smith is investigating Trump’s big lie fundraising, and according to Chris Christie, Trump told him that he knew he was losing.


Christie said on ABC’s This Week:

It shows that Jack Smith’s running a serious investigation. And that’s what he should be doing because the American people are owed at least that much by someone who has the authority that Jack Smith has. And if you’re going to bring charges relating to January 6th, you better be right and you better have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a jury is going to be able to understand and that’s unimpeachable.

As far as, you know, what’s going on with Donald Trump in terms of these charges, the fact is that he doesn’t believe he won. He was concerned before the election that he was losing. And I know that because he said it to me directly. So, you know, he knows he didn’t win, but his ego, George, won’t permit him to believe that he’s the only person in America, outside the state of Delaware, to ever have lost to Joe Biden. And so his ego is running that.

If Trump was telling Chris Christie that he was losing the election, it is certain that he was also talking to lots of other people about losing the election, but if there is one confirmed fact that is known by everyone who follows American politics, it is that Donald Trump can’t keep quiet.

If Jack Smith was inclined to pursue criminal charges based on Trump’s post-2020 election fundraising, he can probably find ample evidence that Trump was raising tens of millions of dollars based on a lie. 

Trump was committing fraud. He knew that he lost the election, but he told his supporters that he didn’t to get them to give him money.

It was all a lie, and now Jack Smith has to determine whether or not, it was also a crime.

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