Chris Christie Thinks That Mark Meadows Has Flipped On Trump

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Chris Christie remains one of the few Republicans who is willing to honestly speak about the criminal charges that Trump is facing and on Sunday morning he predicted that Mark Meadows has flipped on Trump.

Christie said on CNN’s State Of The Union:

There’s a process you have to go through to de-classify and he knows that. So there are no defenses in that regard here. He’s presumed innocent, but the bottom line is the government has made a very, very compelling case and remember something, usually the government only includes at most half of the evidence they have.

And what’s clear on the latest obstruction charges are, they have a cooperating witness. Trump employee number four looks like a very, very important cooperating witness. We now have people inside the trump organization employed by Donald Trump who are testifying against him. The next one you’ll see is former chief of staff mark meadows in the January 6th case, and I wonder what Donald Trump will have to say about that.

Video of Christie:

Chris Christie predicts, “The next one you’ll see is former chief of staff Mark Meadows in the January 6th case, and I wonder what Donald Trump will have to say about that.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 30, 2023

There are several signs suggesting that Mark Meadows may be cooperating with the government. First, his relationship with Trump appears to be over, and the Trump people have no idea what Meadows is doing. Secondly, Meadows has testified before the federal 1/6 grand jury. Third, there is no indication that Meadows is a target of the federal investigation.

There has been some debate about whether Meadows cut a deal with Jack Smith or is cooperating to avoid charges, but either way, Chris Christie is a former federal prosecutor, and indications are that his prediction is likely correct.

Mark Meadows has probably given Jack Smith something, and if that is the case, any indictment of the former president that comes from the 1/6 grand jury could have compelling evidence behind it.

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