Coup Mastermind Donald Trump Claims Joe Biden Is An Insurrectionist

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Trump doesn’t have a logical defense or any defense of the allegations that he incited an insurrection, so he is claiming that President Biden is an insurrectionist.

Trump posted on Truth Social, “I’m not an Insurrectionist (“PEACEFULLY & PATRIOTICALLY”), Crooked Joe Biden is!!!”

Donald Trump’s third presidential campaign is so stale that he has even recycled his old nickname for his Democratic opponent. In Trump’s defense, every other nickname that he tried to attach to Biden didn’t catch on, or blew up in his face. Trump tried to call Biden sleepy for years, only to watch Biden show more energy and outwork him on a daily basis.

Joe Biden has never led an insurrection. Biden has defended democracy and the US government. Donald Trump is the one who is facing criminal charges for trying to overturn an election and stage a coup to maintain power.

It is a simple deflection tactic where Trump blames his opponent for what he is accused of doing.

Joe Biden isn’t going to be on trial for insurrection-related crimes in 2024, but Donald Trump definitely will be.

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