Couple Exchanges Gibson Explorers Instead Of Rings At Their Wedding

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Why bother exchanging wedding rings when you can exchange Gibson Explorers? That’s what Instagram user Madi Danger and her husband did, and the resulting video is so incredibly goth that you may very well get paler just watching it. Seriously though, congratulations to the happy couple and their new guitars!

“It was really fun because the guitars had been hidden for so long — like when the groom can’t see the bride,” Danger said in an interview with the New York Post. “Only a few people knew about it so some people were shocked and then they were excited about it.”

Danger later added that the exchanging of the Explorers was originally a joke… until it wasn’t. “One day we were talking about what guitars we wanted and we were looking on Gibson’s website at the Explorers. I joked about us exchanging those at our wedding then we decided to do that instead.”

Oh, and in true goth fashion, the Danger couple was taken out of their wedding in a hearse. Yes, there’s video of that too. It rules.

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