Death Metal Monday: Minnesota’s NOTHINGNESS Gazes Into The Void

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Mondays suck. Death metal doesn’t. So let’s start the week off by checking out a recently-released death metal album. And if you need more, check out all the previous editions of Death Metal Monday here.

The cover of Nothingness‘ sophomore record Supraliminal isn’t actually a painting by Mark Voortallen. It’s a photo of the first person to hear this album’s face once they’d listened all the way true. Or at least that’s how Supraliminal feels.

Supraliminal covers everything from skronky Gorguts death metal to downright brutal Iniquity-styled passages, and then reaches out into the void of infinity for some cosmic black metal to top things off. If you’re not listening to Nothingness, you’re fucking up. Plain and simple.

Get Supraliminal here. Supraliminal features guest spots from Suffering Hour vocalist DgS and guitarist YhA, and was produced, mixed, and mastered by Adam Tucker.

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