DEFTONES Announces Yet Another Beer

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Bands and Booze

Another Belching Beaver collaboration.

Lucky You

Deftones has announced their 11th collaboration with the Belching Beaver Brewery and it looks a little like an Arizona iced tea. The beer is called Lucky You after a track from Deftones‘ 2003 self-titled album and is a Japanese style rice lager clocking in a 5% ABV.

“If you’re holding this can, then Lucky You!” wrote Belching Beaver Brewery of the new brew. “The eleventh collab between Belching Beaver and Deftones, this Japanese Style Rice Lager starts with a delectable crispness and ends with a clean malt finish. Cheers, oh fortunate one.”

Pre-orders for the beer are available here.

We’re excited to introduce “Lucky You” – our 11th collaboration with @BelchingBeaver and limited release Japanese Style Rice Lager. Pre-sale starts today at 1PM PT online, and it will be available on draft and to-go at all Belching Beaver taprooms starting August— Deftones (@deftones) July 19, 2023

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