DEICIDE Announces New Label & New Album

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Deicide has finally announced their first new album since 2018, Banished By Sin, which will be released by the newly-formed Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) label. Banished By Sin is the first Deicide record with guitarist Taylor Nordberg (Inhuman Condition, The Absence), who replaced Chris Cannella in 2022.

“With great pleasure and after several years of debate and consideration, I wish to announce the signing of a historic one album deal with the newly formed RPM for the development and marketing of the newest Deicide album, Banished By Sin. We look forward to working with all the talented hand-picked individuals that create RPM music and adding our latest accompaniment to the Deicide catalogue,” said Deicide frontman Glen Benton.

RPM’s Gerardo Martinez comments: “We would like to welcome The Satan Spawns’ Deicide to RPM, and we cannot wait to release the very fitting new 13th chapter of their very successful and historied career! Many of us grew up in the original early Death Metal years and Deicide was in many people’s soundtracks. As for me, I ended up in the principal’s office in High School, for wearing the original Legion shirt as the back print was dangerous and controversial. Let’s bring some of that back!”

In a recent interview, Benton mentioned that the new record is a little more prog-leaning thanks to drummer Steve Asheim.

“The new stuff that we’re writing now is really anthem-style stuff. It’s really good, man,” said Benton. “There’s a lot of prog stuff in there, mixed in there. Steve‘s our prog guy, man; he’s the progressive rock guy. He likes to write those really black metal riffs and the progressive stuff. He’s an amazing talent, man. He plays piano. He can play sweeps on guitar. He’s a drummer. Yeah, he can do it all.”

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