DEICIDE Is Celebrating Jesus With A New Single “Bury The Cross… With Your Christ”

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Hope you’re having a Merry Christmas, because Deicide sure as hell isn’t. Deicide is here to make sure the newborn Christ is dead as a doornail thanks to their blasphemous brand new single “Bury The Cross…With Your Christ”. Because what else did you expect from a band whose Christ-hating nature has always been on prominent display?

“Welcome to the Feast of Fools and bow before your lord almighty the end is upon us….bury the cross,” said Deicide vocalist Glen Benton.

“Bury The Cross…With Your Christ” was recorded in the depths of Smoke & Mirrors, with Deicide at the helm of production. Engineering wizardry was provided by Jeramie Kling, with Taylor Nordberg lending his skills. The final alchemy of mixing and mastering was conjured by Josh Wilbur.

The video was directed by David Brodsky for My Good Eye: Music Visuals, who also took on the roles of cinematographer, editor, graphics, and post-production FX. Allison Woest, also from My Good Eye: Music Visuals, contributed as producer, assistant director, cinematographer, and editor. Kelly Harris brought the special effects makeup and practical FX to life. Gerard Barscheski portrayed the distraught father, adding a compelling human element to the project.

Stay tuned for more Deicide soon.

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