Democrats Take Action And File Formal Complaint Against Rep. George Santos

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New York Democratic Reps. Daniel Goldman and Richie Torres have filed a formal complaint with the House Ethics Committee accusing Rep. George Santos of violating the Ethics In Government Act.

At the heart of the complaint is the fact that Santos did not file campaign disclosure reports while suddenly getting a million dollars in “dividends” from a company that he owned that wasn’t making any money.

Rep. Goldman said in a statement, “George Santos, by his own admittance, is a total fraud. He has admitted that he didn’t graduate college, didn’t work on Wall Street or in private equity, doesn’t own property, and isn’t Jewish — all of which and more he asserted in order to dupe the voters in Queens and Nassau County. But most importantly, there are a number of deeply concerning lies Mr. Santos has told about his finances that have since led to multiple criminal and civil investigations. House GOP leadership views Santos’s disinformation campaign as a running joke, so it is once again left to Democrats to stand up for Santos’ constituents and protect our free and fair elections.”

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Rep. Goldman was right. Senior House Republicans knew about Santos’s fraud and joked about it.

Republicans will do nothing to protect the people of NY-3 from an alleged fraudster like George Santos, and they certainly won’t do anything that might cause them to see their slim four-seat House majority cut by 25%.

George Santos should not be in the House. There is a good chance that he could and maybe should be facing criminal charges.

Rep. Santos managed to con his way into the House. It’s up to Democrats to hold him and Republicans accountable.

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