DISGUISED MALIGNANCE Stays Death Metal With “Unearthly Extinction”

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New Music

Finland strikes again.


Finnish death metal unit Disguised Malignance is now streaming their destructive, churning new single “Unearthly Extinction”. Good luck trying to survive that groove that kicks in around 0:14. It’s gonna catapult your corpse right into the cold, dead nothingness of space.

“‘Unearthly Extinction’ is a ferocious, groovy, and subtly melodic track that captures the blend of different styles of death metal quite well,” said vocalist Felix Pennanen. “The erratic twists and turns together with ear-catching hooks and tasteful leads make for an intense yet memorable death metal brutalizer.”

Disguised Malignance‘s new album Entering The Gateways will be out on September 29. Pre-orders are available here.

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