Disgusted Former Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone Calls Jim Jordan An Insurrectionist

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Former Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone called Jim Jordan an insurrectionist and said Jordan has no place being second in line to the presidency.

Fanone said:

Former DC officer Michael Fanone, “Jim Jordan is an insurrectionist who has no place being second in line to the presidency. I witnessed the deadly assault on our democracy with my own eyes, which is why it absolutely disgusts me….”

— Scott MacFarlane (@MacFarlaneNews) October 16, 2023

I can’t imagine what it must be like for Fanone to watch House Republicans elevate a man who participated in the planning of Trump’s coup plot to be the Speaker of the House. The only good news for the nation is that once Republicans lose the House majority next November, it will be Speaker Hakeem Jeffries who will be in charge of the House when the votes are certified on January 5, 2025 (The new Congress is sworn in January 3, 2025).

Republicans are showing America that they are the party of insurrection and they stand against democracy. Not every House Republican participated in Trump’s coup plot, but there are many who don’t want Jordan to be the Speaker who lack the courage to stand up and say no. The swing district Republicans who oppose Jordan are expected to fold after several votes on Tuesday.

An insurrectionist becoming the Speaker of the House feels like a logical next step for the Republican Party. Jim Jordan should not be allowed to be Speaker for a wide variety of reasons, but his support for insurrection tells America which direction the Republican Party intends to go in if they are ever returned to power.

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