Entrepreneur, Agata Galuszka, Shares The Top 5 Ways You Can Create A Life With More Purpose And Fulfillment

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What is a life with purpose? What does it feel like to achieve fulfillment? For many women, there’s a deep, down feeling that you’re meant for something more. Most women have aspirations and desires. They have passions about successes that seem out of reach to them. Yet, it’s possible. Agata Galuszka lived a limited life, one that held her back from achieving her biggest dreams and goals. Today, she’s working on women’s empowerment by providing a step-by-step guide to achieving fulfillment.

As a young woman, Agata was married, faced an abusive relationship, and found herself living a life that wasn’t anything that she dreamed for herself. She worked in human resources for a long time and experienced firsthand the limitations many women felt as they tried to move up the corporate ladder. Over time and with the right support and guidance, she managed to become the Director of HR, reaching her goals.

Along the road to the top, though, she found her true calling – the many women around her who faced the same challenges to growth and development she had. These women wanted independence, success, and the achievement of those deep-down dreams. Yet, they lacked the means and support to reach them. That’s when she set out to create a plan.

“It doesn’t matter where women are right now – in corporate environments, stay-at-home moms, or anywhere in between. They have goals and desires to live a very different life. We work to help women in all walks of life to work on themselves so they have the tools they need to achieve ultimate success,” she states. To help women achieve these goals, she’s built Ultimate Confidence, a roadmap to real success.

With a passion to help women develop into their true desires, where they want to be in life, Agata is changing the way women see themselves and their futures. She’s become a global speaker on women empowerment and now, with Ultimate Confidence, she’s created a simple, straightforward tool for women to use to achieve their desired outcome in life, no matter what that is.

What Is Ultimate Confidence and Its Legacy?

Agata calls Ultimate Confidence a go-to tool for women. It’s an online program accessible on Kajabi, available to use on your computer or via the app on your phone.. What she’s found as a global speaker is that many women come to seminars because they have a desire to be more or achieve great things. Yet, after they leave, they fail to take action and implement what they’ve learned into an authentic future.

Ultimate Confidence is a tool that’s almost like having a psychologist available to you all of the time. With numerous modules and various exercises throughout it, this tool helps women to get help when they’re feeling stuck. She calls it, “first aid for women.”

It offers mobile access, a free app, and videos that are very focused (not to waste time) and organized. It’s designed to teach women to be independent and create their own businesses.

What Ways Can Women Begin Creating a Life of Purpose Then?

Women empowerment is more than just working hard. It’s about recognizing your goals, passions, and interests and creating a plan to achieve success. There are 5 things women can do to create a life of purpose.

#1: Recognize Your Worth

At the heart of Ultimate Confidence is learning that you can achieve big goals and dreams. “As a type of first aid for women, this tool enables women to recognize they can achieve change. They just need the right roadmap to get to that point.” Many women limit themselves because they don’t recognize the opportunities available to them – it’s more in reach than many believe.

#2: Find Confidence to Break Free from Others

It’s critical for women to have confidence so they can achieve their goals whether that is in building a business or having newfound confidence in day-to-day life. She says, “Women are often lacking in confidence and remain dependent on others, typically because they believe themselves to be a ‘weaker link’ or ‘the second act,’ in comparison to men. This is far from the truth,’ she says.

#3: Self-Improvement Is an Ongoing Process

One of the ways that Agata helps to empower women is by providing Ultimate Confidence as a life-long tool. That is, it remains present with unlimited access to women for the rest of their lives. That’s because self-improvement is not something a person does in a few days or weeks. “It’s an ongoing process. From time to time, women will face issues and problems. They can come back and find their answers and problem solve. That keeps them empowered for the long journey. It’s not an easy journey but it is one that you can achieve,” she notes.

#4: Invest in Themselves

Women learn from their environment, as all people do. Yet, if they do not have the tools and resources to create the person they want to be because their environment doesn’t provide it, many fail to ever achieve their desired level of success. That doesn’t have to be the case. By investing in themselves on a consistent basis, it is possible for women to achieve more and be who they want to be. “Learning the fundamental characteristics of building confidence and breaking through barriers takes true learning. That means women need to take the time to watch the videos, read the modules, and interact to learn. They are worth it,” Agata states.

#5: Define and Redefine Their Lives, Ambitions, and Goals

Many times in her life Agata faced struggles from misconceptions of what a woman could or should do to her own self-conceived doubt. Yet, women can find success by creating a vision for themselves, working for it, redefining it, and working step-by-step towards the future they desire.

To achieve these goals, women simply need the right tools to do so. Those ready to do so now can easily take a closer look at Ultimate Confidence to start the process.


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