EVANESCENCE’s AMY LEE Opens Up About Her Mixed Feelings For “Everybody’s Fool”

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Evanescence is currently basking in the glory of two decades since the release of their breakthrough album Fallen, and as usual, with the celebration, some details about the album have come to light. In a recent exclusive interview with Kerrang!, the band’s frontwoman and leader, Amy Lee, opened up about the mixed emotions she harbors for one of the album’s tracks: “Everybody’s Fool.”

Lee admitted that the song’s lyrics reflect her youthful perspective, something she no longer fully identifies with. “It’s just the way it sounds when you read the lyrics,” she explained. “I was talking about high school and talking to, more than anything, my little sisters.”

The singer recalled her frustration with the pop culture influences that had captivated her younger siblings. “I was like, ‘Guys, that is not what’s cool, it’s not about what’s on the surface – that’s superficial, it’s about what’s in your heart,'” she shared.

Lee acknowledged that the song’s message of superficiality stemmed from her own experiences in the spotlight. “‘Everybody’s Fool’ started off from watching them and me being like, ‘Why are you idolizing something that’s fake?'” she explained. “I don’t like the way that it’s phrased.”

To reconcile her feelings, Lee decided to reinterpret the song’s meaning during the music video production. “When we did the video, I made it like it was about me,” she revealed. “I could relate to the way people see you on the big stage being very different to who you really are, and that’s not necessarily being what you wanted to be.”

Despite her reservations about the song’s original message, Lee emphasized that she doesn’t harbor any animosity towards “Everybody’s Fool.” “I don’t have any song that I’ve put out that I hate,” she affirmed. “It’s just that I’ve grown out of it a little bit.”

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