Every Type Of Lingerie Gift To Buy Your S.O. (Or Yourself)

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Gift giving is rarely easy. Anyone who’s gotten an awkward, “Err thanks…” post-exchange can attest to that. Sure, if you get the wrong present for your mom, per say, or your best friend, you’re unlikely to get anything more than a raised eyebrow. Getting a bad gift for your S.O., on the other hand? Probably not the best way to demonstrate your affection. So, on today’s agenda, we’ve got a gift guide for your S.O. that is sure to win: lingerie.

Lingerie makes for a perfect romantic gift — for Valentine’s Day and beyond — for a couple of reasons. For one, apart from the occasional re-up of seamless thongs, people rarely spend time buying lace bodysuits or mesh panties for themselves (but if you do… we’re jealous). Then there’s the fact that lingerie is the one fashion item we wear most often (a.k.a. every single day). The preferred style might vary from person to person, but for the most part, lingerie plays a major role in everyone’s wardrobe.

But since we know that buying undergarments can be tricky no matter who you’re buying it for, we’ve laid out a few types of lingerie gifts that are sure to impress. From lace sets to kitschy gift packs, click through the comprehensive lingerie gift guide ahead and get your S.O. something they’ll really love to slip into.

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