EXTOL Drops Off Furnace Fest

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Extol was set to play their first US show since 2005 this month at Furnace Fest. Thanks to the eternal clusterfuck that is visa issues, Extol has sadly had cancel their appearance at the festival. Furnace Fest organizers note that Extol did everything in their power to make the show happen, but immigration didn’t cooperate.

“We have got some very, very sad news for those going to Furnace Fest,” said Extol. “We will unfortunately NOT be able to play at Furnace Fest 2023 for the simple reason that we did not get our visas in time. We have had no influence on the process going on at the immigration department, and so the kafkaesque process of obtaining visas has been out of our control.

“We can hardly believe this surreal situation. We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the visa process to finalize but to no avail. Furnace Fests inquiry to play this years festival is what sparked our decision to start playing live again, so needless to say, we feel terrible! It pains us to know that a lot you have spent your hard earned money to come see us play, and that we will not be able to be there.”

Furnace Fest organizers added: “Unfortunately, after months of delays and hold ups from the immigration department, we have the bad news that Extol won’t be playing this year. The band is not to blame, they did everything in their power to make this event happen. And we exhausted many resources trying to get the visa process taken care of with no luck. We know this bums many of you out along with the band and the FF team. We hope that they can make it back and play the fest one day!”

The good news is that at least Extol appears to be in the studio working on their first new album since 2013.

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