Fani Willis Hits Trump With A Trial Date That Could Wreck The GOP

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Fulton County DA Fani Willis has requested that Trump’s Georgia RICO trial start on August 5, 2024.

Here is the motion from Willis:

Willis writes that an August trial date “balances potential delays from defendant Trump’s other criminal trials in sister sovereigns and the other Defendants’ constitutional speedy trial rights.”

Read the document:

— Anna Bower (@AnnaBower) November 17, 2023

Fani Willis wants to have Trump’s trial start in August that date will avoid any potential conflicts with Trump’s other trials. In theory, an August trial date would allow the process to play out before the fall general election campaign begins.

Trump will try to delay the Georgia trial for as long as he can. A summer trial date will not allow Trump to push the trial past November.

Donald Trump could be a convicted felon in Georgia by the time voters start early voting in 2024. The trial calendar is turning into a nightmare for the former president. Even if Aileen Cannon delays Trump’s classified documents trial, the other three criminal trials are potentially going to roll one after the other starting early next year.

Willis’s proposed trial date is horrible news for Trump and the Republican Party because they are going to be trying to run a campaign to keep the House and win back the Senate and White House while Trump’s trials will be taking up most of 2024.

Fani Willis’s trial date is a whole new problem for Donald Trump.

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