FEAR FACTORY’s DINO CAZARES On New Music: “We’ve Gotta At Least Put A Single Out Before The End Of The Year”

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Industrial metal titans Fear Factory are gearing up for a new era. In a recent interview with Brutal Planet, guitarist Dino Cazares hinted at the possibility of a fresh single before the year’s close, marking the official recording debut of their new vocalist, the Italian powerhouse Milo Silvestro.

Cazares, ever the workhorse, revealed the band has been “working on stuff in between tours,” despite a busy schedule that sees them booked solid until June.

“We’ve been working on stuff in between tours and stuff like that. We wanna try to get something out as soon as possible, but it may be it may be a little bit of a while because we have a lot of touring coming up — a lot.” Cazares revealed. “If you go to fearfactory.com and go to tour dates, you’ll see it’s getting filled up and filled up most of this year. I’m trying to stop at the end of June so we can go straight into the studio and start recording. But we’re pretty much booked from now to the end of June, and it’s gonna be a good six months.”

While their touring commitments will limit studio time, Cazares says they are writing new material on the road and carving out studio sessions whenever possible. He acknowledged the importance of vocal rest for Silvestro, but expressed confidence that they can “make it work” and deliver a new single before the year’s end.

“On this upcoming Machine Head tour, we’re gonna set up a little studio in the back of the lounge where we’re gonna be able to write and record and get some ideas down. Sometimes it’s kind of hard, especially for Milo, ’cause he’s gonna be singing every night. So, he would only really be able to do stuff on the days off, or something like that, because you’ve gotta rest your voice. When we’re touring as much as we do every day, playing every day, it’s wear and tear on the vocals. That’s the most sensitive thing. So we try to take it easy. But still, it’s enough to get some ideas down and stuff like that.”

“We’ve gotta at least put a single out before the end of the year,” Cazares added.

Touching upon Silvestro‘s abilities to write lyrics, Cazares elaborated: “He’s got some other little projects that he works on and the lyrics are really good. So we’re not gonna have any issues with that. That was one of the main things that a lot of people have been complaining about — not complaining, but the Internet type of bitching. It was, like, ‘Okay. Yeah, he could sing great live. He could do all the songs great live. But what’s it gonna be like when he does the record? How’s his lyrics gonna be? How’s this gonna be?’ Relax. It’s all gonna be good. Don’t worry.”

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