Former CBS Radio Personality Goes Digital

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With the growing demand for digital promotion among brands and influencers, this new marketing medium has expanded exponentially. Many marketing agencies have cropped up recently with big promises to help businesses monetize their online presence. Unfortunately, many of them are faking clients with mediocre services, and the few who deliver results charge exorbitantly, leaving businesses short on budget. 2 Ton Wallet, a new digital marketing agency, is closing this gap between service charges and measurable marketing results.

Founded by Brent Berry, a former CBS Radio personality with in-depth knowledge of the industry, 2 Ton Wallet stands out as a high-ticket marketing agency helping businesses and influencers scale without spending a fortune on the marketing budget. The founder of 2 Ton Wallet was the youngest major market radio producer in the US, starting his career at 15 with KDWB in Minneapolis. After several years in radio, he became a benefit auctioneer specializing in non-profit fundraising, consulting, and also performing at black-tie gala events countrywide.

Brent also gained 24 years of experience in real estate, which is when he realized the plight of businesses seeking high-end digital marketing services. This fueled the idea of launching 2 Ton Wallet to help all industries grow and scale their business by monetizing their online presence. Levering his achievements in addition to radio, the founder of 2 Ton Wallet organized and hosted the largest event of its kind in the history of the auction business selling more than 216 new construction model homes in a 2-day sale event in MPLS. He also managed to raise millions in funds through free press running for 2 weeks on every major network.

Brent’s previous accomplishments are proof of his talent for business marketing, which he will leverage with 2 Ton Wallet to scale up other brands. The company is already on its way to becoming a leader in digital media by offering top-notch marketing services. The range of services includes brand design, social media management, SEO, web development, creative writing, paid media promotion, and lead generation. The company has a team of digital marketing experts brainstorming new ideas to help brands dominate the internet.

Social media is currently the most profitable platform in the digital marketing industry as it facilitates two-way communication between brands and consumers. 2 Ton Wallet wants to leave no opportunity unexplored to leverage the power of social media to help its clients grow. The company developed one of the best influencer marketing networks in the world to ensure brands reach potential customers that match their business niche. This strategy proved beneficial in increasing conversion rates, leading to more sales and higher revenue.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, 2 Ton Wallet manages all marketing operations for its clients so they can focus completely on enhancing their products and services. The company acts as a partner in content creation, social growth, media management, design, and digital ads to provide 360-degree exposure to the client and expand their reach on digital media. The team at 2 Ton Wallet is consistently striving to improve its services to match the fast-changing trends in digital marketing. The company looks forward to delivering more measurable results to its clients through impeccable services.

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