From Oncology Nursing to Digital Entrepreneurship: The Inspiring Journey of Debra R Forward

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In the heart of East Texas, where small-town values meet big dreams, Ms. Forward‘s story unfolds. The tight-knit community, town that she hails from may have been small, but her aspirations were anything but. 

Ms. Deb’s  journey weaves through a fulfilling 35-year career in Cancer Care and Cancer Research. She continues to be deeply involved in  the “Race For the Cure ”. During her employment at the #1 cancer care institute in the nation, she delivered the most new and innovative therapies and her compassionate  care to cancer victims and their families..In the face of her personal  battle with Breast Cancer, she emerged not just a survivor, but a tenacious entrepreneur, ready to conquer the digital world..Debra Forward is not just the Owner and CEO of Forward Digital Concepts LLC; she’s the embodiment of resilience and determination. Transitioning from a dedicated nursing career to the dynamic world of digital entrepreneurship is a testament to her constant pursuit of growth and improvement.

Launching Forward Digital Concepts (FDC), Ms. Forward initially delved into the online representation for  major drug companies, laying the foundation for what would evolve into a multifaceted venture. FDC’s genesis was marked by a desire to offer diverse services and explore the vast spectrum of online opportunities available to modern entrepreneurs.

Driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Ms. Forward immersed herself in the realm of online marketing and e-commerce. Courses, certifications, and a deep understanding of affiliate marketing solidified her expertise. FDC now stands as a beacon of quality, offering innovative digital services globally.

FDC, based at 130 Forward Lane, Livingston, Texas, is more than just a digital agency. It’s a hub of cutting-edge products, services, and a plethora of safety solutions curated for a world in constant flux. From web development to remodeling, from email marketing to revolutionary electronic products, FDC is a one-stop destination for businesses seeking a digital edge.

With her Company’s  philosophy that revolves around “Constant and Never Ending Improvement,” This journey is and will always be a testament to the almighty “Power of God” who fuels her  unwavering determination and commitment to progress, personally, professionally and Spiritually.. She envisions a world where FDC, with its tailored marketing strategies, helps businesses and individuals achieve exponential growth and global recognition.

In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, FDC stands ready to assist companies, particularly those in Livingston and beyond, in harnessing the power of strategic marketing. The Guarantee at the end of the day is Elevated ratings  and a better online presence.The client will have super charged, super optimize  social media footprint. Last but not least, a  successful email marketing campaign. Ms. Forward  invites you to witness the transformative journey of  Forward Digital Concepts as it becomes a world re-noun brand (“FDC”), providing the newest and most innovative web services available to today’s “Entrepreneurs”.

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