Furnace Fest Announces First Four Bands Of Their 2024 Lineup

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The final Furnace Fest will take place between October 4 and 6 at the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, AL. The first four bands for the final lineup are:

  • Underoath celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 2004 album They’re Only Chasing Safety
  • Poison The Well
  • Stretch Armstrong
  • Shai Hulud featuring their That Within Blood Ill-Tempered lineup performing a career-spanning set

Tickets are available here. As for the end of the festival, organizers offered the following comment upon the original announcement: “Furnace Fest Family: the end of an era is upon us.

“In 2019, four unlikely friends set out to replicate the original Furnace Fest as a one-time resurrection. After postponing twice, FF2021 drew us together when we needed each other and live music most. From the heights of that glorious weekend, we began dreaming about a full four-year replica of the originals. We can’t believe we’re saying it, but next year, 2024, is the end of an era – completing our vision for Furnace Fest as we’ve come to know it.

“What does this mean beyond next year? Will the festival end? Morph into something new, something different? These are the questions we are asking ourselves. What do we know? Furnace Fest transcends extended weekends in Alabama because we are a community, friends, and family defined not by differences but by similarities of history and passion.

“Regardless of what happens beyond 2024, thank you for journeying with us. You’ve brought so much brightness into this season, helping us recover from a global pandemic and far more. Apart from your generous commitment to a dream, none of this would have happened. You found a way to make ten minutes last forever.

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