GEDDY LEE Clarifies That RUSH Is Not Starting Up Again

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We have had no shortage of Rush-related news lately after the band’s frontman and bassist Geddy Lee started his current tour promoting his upcoming memoir My Effin’ Life. Lee recently revealed he and Alex Lifeson have warmed up to the idea of playing together again, and hinted at the possibility of new music.

And while the prospect of a Rush “reunion” might send shivers down the spines of fans worldwide, Lee has now clarified – in an interview with CTV Morning Live – that the two musicians are simply exploring the possibility of songwriting together, emphasizing that there are no concrete plans for a full-fledged Rush comeback.

“If I say anything about working with Alex, people run to the conclusion that Rush is starting up again. That is not the case. Yes, Alex and I like each other a lot, still. We hang around with each other a lot. And we both have a desire to try to write songs together. We don’t know whether that will bear fruit or not. If it does bear fruit, great. Then we might release some songs. If — that’s always an ‘if’ there. But when people publish articles about that, they leave the ‘if’ out. So, yeah, I plan to get together with Al, and we plan to write some songs, but we don’t know if they’ll be any damn good, so we’ll see what happens.”

Earlier this month, Lee told Los Angeles Times that he misses Rush a great deal: “It was hard for me when Neil announced he was going to retire, which is a word I refused to hear, la la la. Do I miss the adulation? No. But I miss the sound of the crowd a little bit. When I go see my friends on tour, I am jealous. They’re still enjoying it.”

In another recent interview with Long Island Weekly, Geddy revealed that he has been working on a couple of songs that were left off his 2000 solo album, My Favourite Headache, and that the experience of revisiting these songs reminded him of how much he enjoys being in the studio.

“I recently discovered a couple of songs that had been left off my solo album. Listening to them was really quite fun and I decided that I wanted to see about fixing those up and just breathing some fresh air into them. And that experience reminded me of how much fun I have in the studio. So of course, my lifelong buddy and bandmate Alex and I would like to get back into the studio together and see what might happen. I have ideas that I’d like to flesh out on my own too.”

“Once I finish all this crazy crap that I agreed to do — the book tour and the TV show and find some space for myself — I’d certainly like to start playing something. But I can’t tell you right now because I’m just book-touring it until I drop. And then I’ll see where I land after I have a nice holiday with my wife and we’ll go from there. I don’t like to plan too far ahead anymore. I was scheduled up the wazoo with my partners in Rush for over 45 years. Now, I have to prioritize other things.” Lee added.

Lead vocalist, bassist & keyboardist of @rushtheband, Geddy Lee tells CTV Morning Live all about the behind-the-scenes moments of his infamous music career featured in his new memoir! ????????— CTV Morning Live (@CTVMorningLive) November 27, 2023

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