Georgia Republicans Refuse To Change The Law To Pardon Trump

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Top Georgia Republicans have rejected a call from Trump’s allies to change the state’s pardon law so that if convicted the former president could be easily pardoned.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the reaction of top Republicans to changing the state’s pardon law for Trump:

Gov. Brian Kemp adviser Cody Hall compared the conspiracy theories that dominated pro-Trump circles in the last presidential election to the pressure campaign by his supporters now to overhaul the pardons process.

“Where have I heard special session, changing decades-old law, and overturning constitutional precedent before?” Hall asked. “Oh right, prior to Republicans losing two Senate runoffs in January of 2021.”

He added: “What are people hoping to learn in the second kick of the election-losing mule?”

A top deputy to House Speaker Jon Burns also dismissed the idea.

“Given the political makeup of the General Assembly,” said Burns spokesman Kaleb McMichen, “such an amendment is not feasible and thus would not merit consideration.”

The Georgia pardon law was put in place in the 1940s by constitutional amendment after a governor was indicted on accusations that he sold pardons. The only way the pardon law can be changed is with a 2/3 vote from the legislature and the majority of voters approving a change to the state’s constitution.

In other words, it’s not going to happen.

Even if Kemp could pardon Trump, there is zero evidence that he would do it. Kemp and Trump have been sparring for years since the 2020 election, and the governor is no ally of Donald Trump.

The Georgia MAGAs are already getting desperate and floating impeaching Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

If Trump was innocent, there would be no talk of changing the pardon law. The fact that this is where Republicans are going shows that even they think he has a good chance of being convicted.

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