Georgia State Senator Is Already Trying To Impeach Fani Willis

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Georgia state Sen. Colton Moore is calling for a special legislative session to review the actions of DA Fani Willis and for her impeachment because she indicted Trump.

Sen. Colton Moore tweeted:

We must strip all funding and, if appropriate, impeach Fani Willis.

I’m calling on patriots across America to join me in this fight.


— Sen. Colton Moore (@realColtonMoore) August 17, 2023

In Georgia, the General Assembly can call itself into a special session, but the session is limited to 40 days. Special sessions are almost always called by the governor. Special sessions not called by the governor, require a 3/5ths vote by the House and the approval of the governor.

It is not so easy to get a special session in Georgia without Gov. Brian Kemp’s approval and the odds of Kemp calling a special session for Trump are slim to none.

The second tweet from Sen. Moore asking for money is what this is all really about.

Republicans are trying to raise money.

The odds of Fani Willis getting impeached in Georgia are virtually zero. The Georgia impeachment process mirrors the federal one, which means that the House impeached and the Senate holds impeachment trials and requires a 2/3 vote for conviction.

The MAGAs are doing what they do. They are trying to save Trump while grifting for some cash.

It speaks volumes about the strength of the case against Trump that Sen. Moore went straight to getting rid of the prosecutor instead of letting the legal process play out.

MAGAs are already desperate in Georgia.

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