Global Keynote Speaker Scott Clary Shares His Expert Insights On Sales, Marketing, And Entrepreneurship

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With a passion for educating and inspiring others, Scott Clary has established himself as a leader and infinite resource in the field of business, start-ups, growth, and much more

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.” – words famously said by Richard Branson. I can think of no better way to describe the career path of Scott D. Clary, and from the looks of it, he has a very bright future ahead of him. Presently the CEO of OnMi Patch, and Founder and Host of Success Story Podcast, Scott D. Clary, has developed his career over the past several years by joining forces with numerous companies, helping to refine them on every level. Not only passionate about his own personal development and career in growing businesses, Clary is invested in the growth of entrepreneurs worldwide. His #1 Business Education podcast, Success Story, releases weekly episodes featuring interviews that unpack the playbooks of highly successful entrepreneurs, CXOs, and all-around extraordinary leaders. Clary offers an email blast, ROI Overload, the #1 daily newsletter analyzing growth trends & strategy, business, start-ups, and technology- valued by over 40,000 subscribers. In addition to all of that, he also pours into his community by sharing high-quality educational resources in the form of free course content, e-books, articles, and videos across multiple platforms, including Youtube and TikTok. Scott D. Clary is taking his hard-earned, real-life experience with sales, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, and creating a platform to make the world of business a better place. Here Clary shares with us five tips for seeing growth and success in your career.


  1. Connect With Your Purpose

Do you want to know the reason behind why Scott D. Clary is so often invited to speak as a keynote on summits, conventions, and other speaking engagements worldwide? It’s not that he is an uber-successful CEO or host of a top-rated podcast, or even his confidence and charisma. Instead, the rationale behind him being highly sought-after is because of his authenticity, willingness to let go of the ego and share his hard-learned experiences for the betterment of others, and that he radiates the energy of someone truly aligned in his purpose. While it could have been easy to keep his gift to himself and continue climbing the ladder of success on his own, he is fully showing up and being of service. Stepping into your power by embodying your unique gift and passions will give you an edge in business. Clary says it best on his Twitter, “If you want to get metaphysical about it, hustle is what happens when your energy aligns with your purpose!”


  1. Give, Give, Give

“I’m a big proponent of releasing tons of free content out into the world. I share content anywhere where people can discover and learn from me, and that builds a huge audience,” Clary explains. Generosity in the form of posting articles, videos, and more, offering your specific area of expertise, goes a long way with viewers. Their takeaway is that you don’t have to be sparing in what you provide for free because you have an abundance of unique knowledge to share. Inevitably, the audience you most want to attract will want more and become paying clients. 


  1. Enroll Others in Your vision 

Entrepreneurship is more popular than ever, as freedom and autonomy have become a priority to our workforce. Clary encourages entrepreneurs to go forward with a plan in place, saying, “You can build a side-hustle without investing too much of your time if you use talent and technology to help you augment your skillset, increase productivity and help build processes.” Take advantage of the gig economy we are currently in, outsourcing the most time-consuming tasks, and be deliberate about setting a limit to the time you dedicate to working on your side-hustle each week. 


  1. Embrace Imposter Syndrome 

Imposter Syndrome – a condition in which we all suffer yet can feel very isolating. Most people wish they could eradicate the feeling altogether, but Clary suggests we rethink that notion. In the midst of imposter syndrome, you are doubting your ability, wondering if you are the right person for the job, and considering backing out. Reminding yourself in those moments that you will always have this feeling of going into something new, and saying ‘yes’ with the confidence that you can figure it out, turns this disillusion into a powerful tool, inspiring the effort to be better. Clary imparts his wisdom on the topic, “I think imposter syndrome drives curiosity and a figure-it-out mentality, which is required to be successful in any business.”


  1. Mentors are a Must 

The best-kept secret of the top leaders of the world? They have not one but many mentors guiding them along the way! Even the most successful people are still learning, and having the support of experienced individuals who have walked the road before you is key to continued growth. In one of many of his valuable pieces of advice on Twitter, Clary tweets, “If you don’t have a mentor, you’re doing life wrong.” Finding a mentor doesn’t have to be complicated, and often when you have committed to beginning the search, you don’t have to look for long before they find you


Scott D. Clary continues to rise as a thought-leader in the field of business, challenging himself and others to continue growing their companies, building more effective teams, and thinking even farther outside of the box for innovative solutions. To access his high-value content and continue getting crucial advice that will take your business to the next level, connect with Scott D. Clary on his website, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Youtube. Also, check out his podcast, Success Story, for candid interviews and conversations with executives, celebrities, and other notable figures about sales, marketing, business, and start-ups.

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