GOP Hypocrisy Exposed: Just 2 Republicans Vote To Confirm Biden’s Israel Ambassador

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Republicans claim to support Israel, but just two Senate Republicans voted to confirm Jack Lew as the next US Ambassador to Israel.

Only Sens. Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul joined with Democrats to advance Lew’s nomination to a final vote.

Lew was confirmed by a vote of 53-43:

Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul were two GOP yes votes.

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) October 31, 2023

Graham and Paul were the only Republicans to vote for the nomination’s final passage.

House and Senate Republicans continue to appear in the media and claim that they love and support Israel, but House Republicans are using a bill to provide aid to Israel to try to help the richest Americans avoid paying taxes. On the Senate of the Capitol, all Republicans but two voted against Lew’s nomination.

Voting against the confirmation of a US ambassador while Americans are being held hostage is the opposite of patriotism and support for a US ally.

The Republican performance on the Israel issue has been mostly shameful.

If Republicans in Congress really supported Israel they would pass the requested aid without extortion for the rich, and they would vote the United States to have an ambassador to the nation as soon as possible.

Whether it is in the House or the Senate, most Republicans put partisan politics ahead of the good of the country. As even on Israel, Republicans are hypocrites.

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